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Use our professional binding services for binding your master thesis or repairing your favorite book.

The workplace is located at Klariská 16 . Directly in the library’s bookbinding workshop you can print your master thesis and other academic papers; bind and repair bachelor’s, master’s, dissertation, rigorous and habilitation theses, seminar papers, reports for school, internal regulations, annual reports, collections of laws, magazines, and books.

You can print in A4 format; when repairing and binding, the workshop works with A4 and A5 formats. Only documents that you want to get bound in the workshop can be printed there. All documents must be sent as PDF files.

Types of bindings:


A wide selection of covers of various textures and finishes in colors black, gray, green, blue, brown, red. You can choose gold or silver lettering.

Thermal binding

A special cover (front transparent side, back reinforcing side) that has a layer of hot glue applied on the inside and is reinforced by hand sewing. You can choose white covers of various thicknesses according to the number of pages.

Comb binding (spiral binding)

Connecting individual sheets into a complete notebook with a spiral made from wire or other material. The advantage of this form of binding is the possibility of exchanging, adding, or removing pages of the document easily.

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Bookbinding Workshop

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