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Get a professionally constructed list of sources for your work, studies, or literature review.

Library research contains a bibliographic list of relevant documents (books, articles, etc.) on the given topic. By requesting research from the library, you will get the most suitable sources for your seminar and final papers, master theses or other papers. The prepared list of documents consists of the library’s own materials; i.e., available physical documents.

Library research can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Library research can be done by yourself using the online catalog as per the instructions described in the attached pdf document below. The advantage of this approach is that the research is done for free and at any time convenient for you.

  2. Library research can be done with help of the librarian. You book a consultation session at the study room of the Professional Literature Department and you will be shown how to prepare the research by using the online catalog and how to search in the other available databases. The advantage of this approach is that you will learn how to work professionally with bibliographic records. The consultation session is free and you can at the same time look into the physical documents and see whether the documents could be used for your work or not. Most books contain a list of used literature, which could lead you to other relevant literature sources. Consultation sessions can be booked in person, by phone or via email. (all contacts are listed under option 3).

  3. Library research can be prepared by the library staff. You can request this paid service as following :

For all forms of request, please clearly specify the following details: Your name and surname, email, phone number, the topic of library research, keywords, purpose of research, publishing years range (from - to). The research preparation time is one week but can vary depending on the actual amount of received requests. Upon receiving a confirmation email that your library research was completed, the fee needs to be paid. The payment can be done in cash or by card while visiting the library. The research can be received by email or printed. In case, the research is delivered by email without a visit to the library in person, payment by bank transfer needs to be pre-agreed upfront at phone number 02/20301025.

Suggestion: In case of a very specific or scholarly topic, we recommend consulting a dedicated professional, academic or science and technology library.

Research prices

Fee for 1 record€0.05
Printing of 1 page of research€0.10
Administration fee€2.00
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Get an overview and inspiration through our library’s bibliographic activities. These include providing bibliographic and factual information, building a regional fund on Bratislava, and collecting regional periodicals of the city districts of Bratislava. The library also used to publish bibliographies and bibliographic leaflets.

You can use a number of selected, recommended, personal and other bibliographies, including bibliographic leaflets focused on children. Valuable selected bibliographies also contain a list of library collections from the 19th century. The library still preserves the first editions of works by Slovak classic authors from 1866–1949 and the first editions of books by Slovak authors for children and teens from 1926–1951.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its foundation, the library paid tribute to its city, which it has been a part of since 1900, with a selected bibliography named the History of Bratislava.

If you are interested in our bibliographic services, contact us at .

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